A new trading experience

You want to invest seriously in crypto without using the services of a merchant?

Almost all crypto trading offers are designed for experienced traders who know how to interpret complex charts. However, the majority of potential users, private investors, are looking for a secure and easy to understand offer for real-time trading.

Are you too?

Why honesto?

We are building the bridge between traditional investment and digital assets.

Take us at our word. Our name honesto stands for honesty and Security Token Offering (STO).

Who we are? We are a young and innovative Fintech and launch a trading app for the secure trading of digital assets such as crypto currencies and investment tokens. We rely on the services of the B2B transaction bank InCore Bank for the safekeeping of digital assets and account management. The FIAT and crypto deposits of our users are always securely stored at our Swiss bank.

Your secure access to the international crypto market

"Our users benefit from transparency and access to the global crypto market. We make the use of crypto and tokens accessible and everyday, because we consistently simplify the process. With honesto, investors do not have to be trading professionals to enter the crypto market."

Sanela Luescher
CEO honesto

Trade crypto through a Swiss bank!

The FIAT and crypto deposits of our users are always kept securely in a Swiss bank.

Our users can trade on 28 crypto exchanges with just one wallet.

Our users immediately receive the best available offer to buy or sell crypto currencies.

As of 2021 we intend to offer tokenization as a service.

Invest in honesto

They give us their most valuable asset: trust.

Find out what users and partners have to say about us.

"We are convinced that Honesto's app meets a great need and that there is a corresponding demand on the market."

Mark Dambacher
CEO of the Swiss transaction bank InCore Bank

"It is amazing with how much passion the honesto team pursues its goals and constantly develops integrating and innovative solutions."

Reto Fierz
Partner DALAW Digital Assets Legal Advisors

"The set-up of the honesto App is lean, brilliant and has potential to disrupt."

Lucas Betschart
President Bitcoin Association Switzerland; CEO & Founder 21 Analytics

"Honesto has developed a unique product with a very innovative technical and operational set-up with excellent partners such as InCore Bank. No one has ever done this before."

Dr. iur. Hans Kuhn LL.M.
Partner & Co-Founder at DALAW Digital Assets Legal Advisors and expert in fintech and blockchain law

Invest in honesto!

We give our users full control and at the same time the highest possible security.

How can you participate in this?

With the HOTO! The honesto token (short HOTO) is a digitalised participation certificate from Honesto AG, a public limited company under Liechtenstein law.